Macaw Room

Macaw Room can hold a variety of events ranging from private dinners, birthday events to small scale meetings and conferences. The Banquet River Walk Boja team can arrange various themes to suit all events. The room can accommodate up to 250 people and are arranged according to your needs. In addition, it is equipped with modern technology, projectors and there is sophisticated audio visual.

Santorini Room

This Santorini Room can accommodate up to 100 people, is very versatile and can be arranged as a classroom, round table & theater, or based on your preferences. Located next to the River Walk Boja lobby gate, with views of the pool. Equipped with a projector and a modern sound system suitable for meetings and gatherings.

Sun Conour Room

Sun Conour Room accommodates up to 120 people, this meeting room can be arranged either as a classroom, round table, theater, or cocktail style according to your preferences. Located not far from the inn room, and surrounded by parks and playgrounds. Also equipped with a projector and audiovisual sophisticated to meet your needs. This room also has a large window to create a balance natural light and bright artificial light.

Love Bird Room

Love Bird Room, a multipurpose room that can be used for worship rooms and meeting rooms can accommodate up to 60 people. Can be used as classrooms, round tables & theaters. Located in the middle of a swimming pool with views of the entire River Walk Boja. Equipped with a projector and a sophisticated sound system.