Mini Water Park &
Swimming Pool

River Walk provides swimming pools for kids start from 0.5 m and 1.0 m, completed with kids waterslides and water bucket dump. For adults, there is also 1.5 m depth swimming pool.

Bird House

Welcome to River Walk Boja exquisite Indoor mini bird house, we have stunning collections of total 60 birds , 20 species, including nocturnal owl and our friendly macaws including blue gold macaw who will perch on your shoulder for a photo opportunity. Guests can also feed the stunning rainbow-coloured lorries and sun conours with seeds as they land on you. Apart from that, guests can also enjoy feeding koi fish as known as benign fish, in our pond inside the Bird House.

Noah Ark's

Enter the replica of the Noah’s Ark which contain of Exotic predator fishes, weasel, and pet house consist of various native cats and rabbits, for guests to play with and feed them as well.

Playground & Photo Spots

River Walk also provide multifungsional playground for gathering and outbound activities and a children's playground as well. We have mini high ropes and flying fox for kids to play in this area. Don't forget to take a picture in our Santorini Garden and iconic air balloon.